Blessed with abundant nature, our company has continued to make lanterns in Yame, Kyushu's largest concentration of traditional crafts. The long history of Yame Chochin, the manufacturing technology cultivated by our predecessors, and this beautiful design are crafts that represent Japan. It is our mission to properly inherit the "skills" as a tradition, train young craftsmen, utilize the advanced technology of the times, and propose products that blend into modern lifestyles without being bound by conventional values. We consider it our mission and we hope to deliver the "new" that is born in it to everyone.

Yame lanterns, known as Japanese Bontsutsumi lanterns, have been designated as traditional crafts by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, boasting about 200 years of tradition. Shiraki Kougei still preserves its traditions while nurturing the handiwork of craftsmen.

Our artisans are mostly young females who are creating new types of lanterns with delicacy and warmth by crafting these lanterns painstakingly by hand.