Collection: YSM


In the city of Yashio on the outskirts of Tokyo resides the lighting manufacturer Y.S.M Products.

Their concept is based on the idea of "creating moments" and enriching people's everyday lives with their lighting design. By incorporating both traditional and modern materials, as well as new industrial production processes and handcrafted techniques, they are able to craft a wonderful selection that will stand the test of time and blend in comfortably with any space. Each piece they make is meticulously hand crafted to perfection.

YSM Inc creates high-quality lighting fixtures for commercial use in spaces such as condos, houses, and trains. They design and fabricate functional lighting fixtures with aesthetic design. By combining their expertise of innovative sheet metal work with high-quality lighting technology, they offer a revolutionary line of LED products for commercial and residential use. Their team works with various lighting designers throughout Japan to perform everything including ideation, design, production, and assembly. They take pride in having the finest illumination technology, and the teamwork to make this possible.



DIA Top 100 Award

DFA Design for Asia Award - Merit Award

iF Design Award 2019/2021

Best Renovation Award at the Gift Show

SKY DESIGN Award 2021

Grand Prix of JCD Product of the Year 2021

IDM Award of Excellence