Collection: Gingko Design

Embodying a profound ethos that melds simplicity with elegance, uniqueness with sustainability, and functionality with enduring quality, Gingko Design stands as a paragon of innovative artistry. Their trailblazing and sophisticated designs have garnered international acclaim, solidifying their preeminent position in the distinguished realm of premium design-led home and giftware across the United Kingdom and numerous European countries.

At the core of their creative essence lies an unwavering commitment to infuse cutting-edge technology and contemporary perspectives, harmonizing grace and practicality with eco-conscious sensibilities. The result is an array of lighting, accessories, and timepieces that exude an extraordinary essence, destined to grace your home with an aura of exclusivity and charm.

The rationale behind adopting the name "Gingko" is steeped in symbolism, as they sought inspiration from the illustrious gingko biloba tree. This botanical marvel, with its mesmerizing golden autumnal foliage and centuries-old role in herbal remedies and teas, embodies the virtues they aspire to embody in their crafted offerings: endurance, splendor, and functional brilliance.

Presently situated in Kenilworth Warwickshire, nestled within the heart of Shakespeare's county, they draw inspiration from the rich heritage that surrounds them. It is here, beyond the quaint confines of Warwick town, that they have cultivated their artistry, culminating in a sense of profound pride for their accomplishments, an emotion they know shall reverberate within you upon owning their resplendent creations.


Red Dot Design Award 2016, Essen Germany

German Design Non-Book Award 2019, Frankfurt, Germany

Global Innovation Award 2019, Chicago, USA

Smart Design Award Japan 2017, Tokyo, Japan

UK Gift of the Year Award 2018, 2019 and 2020, Birmingham, Great Britain

Spain Gift of the Year Award 2019 & 2022, Madrid, Spain

UK Furniture Awards 2020, Birmingham, Great Britain

Swiss Favourite Digital Trend Award 2021, Bern, Switzerland

UK  Gift of the Year Award 2022 , London, Great Britain