Our Designers

Gingko Design

We believe that good design should be simple but elegant, sustainable but unique, functional but also long lasting – this philosophy has inspired us to create our innovative and stylish designs that have now won a number of international awards. We have now become a leader in the premium design-led home and gift sector in the UK and across many other European countries.

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YSM Products

YSM is a lighting manufacturer that designs and fabricates functional lighting fixtures with Japanese minimalist aesthetic design. Our team works with various lighting designers throughout Japan to perform everything including ideation, design, production, and assembly. We take pride in having the finest illumination technology, and the teamwork to make this possible.

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SHIRAKI KOUGEI is a company manufacturing many of the Bon Chouchin (Bon festival lanterns displayed beside a Buddhist altar) in Yame City known for green tea production and traditional crafts. Our artisans are mostly young females who are creating new types of lanterns with delicacy and warmth by crafting these lanterns painstakingly by hand.

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Finesse Decor

Finesse Decor was built from a passion & relentless dedication to providing home lighting & decor products that are the perfect mix between beauty, function, and cost. A family business since 2009, Finesse keeps promises and is dedicated to making sure you are 100% satisfied with every purchase.

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